Maps and Illustrations

George Gosselink and Students, 1922 Gosselink Photo Collection
Basrah Boys School Students, 1932 George Gosselink
The Dear Folks at Home, 1923 Wagner Studio, Pella, Iowa
George & Christine Gosselink, 1929 Gosselink Photo Collection
Map of Arabia, 1926 Mason and Barney, History of the Arabian Mission
The S.S. Varsova, 1922 George Gosselink
Ashar Creek George Gosselink
Map of Basrah, 1927 Maps of Iraq with Notes for Visitors
Khora Creek Oliver Butler
The Tigris River at Baghdad Oliver Butler
The British Residency in Baghdad Oliver Butler
Students of the School of High Hope, 1923 George Gosselink
The School of High Hope, 1925 Basrah Photographer
Ezra’s Tomb on the Tigris River Oliver Butler
The Mission Chapel, Basrah George Gosselink
The Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem George Gosselink
The Arabian Mission, 1922 Basrah Photographer
Lansing Memorial Hospital, School of High Hope George Gosselink
Basrah Station, 1925 George Gosselink
George Gosselink Gosselink Photo Collection
Mahalas on the Shatt el Arab Oliver Butler
The Arabian Mission, 1929 Bahrain Photographer
Ashar Creek Oliver Butler

All other photographs included with the text, except as otherwise attributed, were taken by George Gosselink or with his camera.

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